The Fyre Festival fiasco was co-founded by Billy McFarland (a charismatic entrepreneur) and Ja Rule (a once chart-topping rapper).  The unlikely duo saturated the social media market with over-the-top glamorous videos and photoshoots promising to put on a once in a lifetime music festival (courtesy of an island once owned by Pablo Escobar).  The end result? The defrauding of numerous investors, an entire Bahamian community, and thousands of hopeful festival goers.

The Fyre Festival “fraud” exposes just how far consumers and investors will go to portray an alluring lifestyle similar to that of “social media influencers”. In today’s digital world, where social media status reigns supreme, consumers and investors need to be extremely vigilant when relying on celebrity endorsements to direct the spending of their hard-earned money. For more information about one of the biggest social media frauds in history, click on the link below.

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